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Our Cuisine

Perla Nera's menu is designed to offer all our customers a culinary journey using fresh and quality ingredients - to take them on an unforgettable journey into Italian taste.

Each dish reflects our passion for Italian cuisine: we only use pasta from the best Italian brands with homemade condiments, so as not to betray your expectations and to honor traditional recipes of Italian cuisine.  

The dough of our pizzas provides a long leavening like in the best Italian pizzerias. The dough will rise in the fridge for 20 hours and then the last hours at room temperature. The slow rising and the use of a little yeast makes the pizza crispy at the base and soft inside with a good honeycomb and much more digestible.

For our meats we have selected trusted and highly experienced partners who can always guarantee controlled and certified meat to bring freshness and quality to your tables every day.

Come and try our homemade Italian food.

Pasta and Wine
Our Cuisine: Su di noi
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